HPE StoreEver LTO7 Ultrium 15000 Rack-mount Kit


HPE StoreEver LTO7 Ultrium 15000 Tape Drive Rack-mount Kit
  • (BC029A) HPE StoreEver 1U Generic Rack Mount Kit
  • (BB873A) HPE StoreEver LTO7 Ultrium 15000 Internal Tape Drive

The HPE StoreEver Rack-mount Kits provide a high-density, rack-mountable tape drive and removable hard disk drive enclosure for direct-attach USB and SAS backup and archiving applications. Because these enclosures use standard internal tape drives and internal removable hard disk drives, they provide a cost-effective means of mounting tape drives and removable hard disk drives in rack server environments. These enclosures provide customers with scalability, allowing the customer to add drives and migrate to new tape or removable hard disk drive technologies as their capacity and performance needs grow. HPE Rack-mount Kits are supported by ProLiant, HPE Integrity, and Apollo platforms.

The HPE StoreEver 1U Rack-mount Kit is available in SAS and USB interfaces. The 1U USB enclosure supports up to two internal RDX docks with a maximum native capacity of 8TB per backup session when using two RDX 4 TB removable disk cartridges. The 1U SAS enclosure supports up to two , LTO-5 Ultrium 3000 SAS, LTO-6 Ultrium 6250, LTO-7 Ultrium 15000 or LTO-8 Ultrium 30750 tape drives with a maximum capacity of 60 TB when using two LTO-8 Ultrium 30750 SAS drives (assuming 2.5:1 data compression).